How to write a great race report

Race Reports are a great way to share your achievements with your friends and family, and a great way to share lessons learned with your fellow racers. To help get the most out of your Race Report, here are a few tips –

  1. Be descriptive and concise – your readers are interested in understanding how your day went, and they want to learn from your experience.
  2. Share both the good and the bad – spare no gory details, and try to be balanced and objective in your report. What worked? What didn’t?
  3. Leave lots of RaceTips™! Think about what could have helped you if you had known it in advance - tricky spot on the course? Suggestion on bike gearing? Share your lessons with the rest of our Race Everywhere community so they can learn from your experience.
  4. Finally, share! Post your personal Race Report link on Facebook, or email it to your friends and family.

Coming soon! Leave lots of pictures. Soon, Race Everywhere will make it possible for you to share your race pictures, too!

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