It is not as bad as it sounds

Report for Hospital Hill

Crown Center
2450 Grand Blvd,
Kansas City, MO 64108 USA

Event Age: This event started in 2005


It is not as bad as it sounds

Overall Report Topic Feedback
Event was organized
Event amenities (toilets, expo, start & finish area)
Event is friendly for people new to the sport
There is a lot to do in the area (sightseeing, shopping, etc.)
Scenic beauty of the course
Competitive field
I traveled from out of town for this event
I plan on doing this race again
I would recommend this race to a friend
Why did I select this event?: The race has been in Kansas City for over 40 years. Many of the local residents like the race because you get a tour of the city, it is typically a very nice time of the year, and it has a mystic to it. The Hill is right at the end and you have to give a little bit more, especially if you are new to the race
My Training: This year I trained a little more than last. A few good hill runs to get the legs adjusted. Kansas City is a very hilly town. I do not know how a race can feel like it is all up hill, but the hill are long. The back side of the race is pretty much all up hill, or least a very steady 2-3 mile incline. Practice the hills.
Comments: The event is very well organized. It is a full race. The same group seems to be in charge of the race each year. There is plenty of parking around the event with plenty of hotels. The only thing I think there needs to be more of is activities after the race. The beer both is to small for all the participants. You typically get pretty need swag, one year was a sweat shirt, another a gym bag, this last year was a long sleeve pull over.

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