Don't underestimate the hills :-)

Report for Ironman 70.3 European Championship Wiesbaden

From the web site:
Sparkassen Finanzgruppe IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship Wiesbaden offers a challenging, yet scenic course in southwest Germany. Athletes and visitors alike can enjoy one of Europe’s oldest ‘spa towns,’ with over 25 hot springs throughout the area. Southwest Germany is also known for world renowned wine and champagne producers.
Just one day before the best triathletes of the world fight for the IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship there is another great Sidevent! On Saturday morning the great stage on the Bowling Green is on for our little ones, the up and coming talents of the IRONKIDS. Kids and Teens from Wiesbaden and all over the world come together and have fun with a Bike & Run on parts of Sundays racetrack.

Lake Raunheimer Waldsee

Weisbaden, DEU

Event Age: This event started in 2007


Don't underestimate the hills :-)

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Why did I select this event?: 70.3 Wiesbaden is in a great location, and happened to be the same weekend as a huge wine festival in town, billed as the world's largest wine bar. Triathlon and the world's largest wine bar? Who could say no?! I stayed in the Hotel Nausser Hoff, which was a perfect location - right in the center, and across the street from the athlete expo and the finish.
My Training: I did NOT do enough climbing training on the bike! I did this race in my build up to Ironman Kona, so it was timed quite well.
Comments: Small point, but I wasn't a big fan of the way the finish was setup. After you cross the finish line, you had to go up to the race office in the building next door to get your medal. The race briefing was held in a beautiful concert hall in the Kurhaus. Typical race briefing - don't draft, don't litter, don't flip it out and take a pee in the public park. But this race, like IM Regensburg, had this complicated system of "cards." They had black cards, yellow cards, and red cards. Different rule infractions resulted in getting a different card penalty. Red = DQ. And different combinations of other cars - one black, to yellow, two yellows, full house, I don't know. I couldn't follow it, other than, peeing in the park gets you DQ'd, and it's best to follow the rules in German races. Check-in was reasonably organized. The race village was one of the biggest and most diverse I've seen. Had some great stands for beer and munchies. The split-transition is a bit of a pain in the ass. this means that the swim-bike transition is in a different place than the bike-run transition. We had to get my bike and my Run and Bike bags out to the lake and T1, which was half an hour drive out of the center, followed by a 2.5-2k walk down to transition. Not that it's too far to walk, just a bit of trouble to go through when you're trying to chill before the event.

Race Tips

  1. DO NOT underestimate the climbing on the bike. Saw several people walking their bikes - train for it!

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