New Race Briefing Podcast: Ironman New Zealand with age group winner Jack Schofield

New Race Briefing Podcast: Ironman New Zealand with age group winner Jack Schofield

This week we get to learn about one of the oldest and best loved triathlon events in the world, Ironman New Zealand. Voted as the Ironman Athletes Choice award winner for Overall Satisfaction, Overall Swim, Overall Bike, Best Host City Experience, Best Post-Race, Will Attend Next Year, and Would Recommend to Friend. Wow, it seems that if you race this event, it’s going to be your favorite!

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We are fortunate to be joined by Jack Schofield, top UK age group athlete who won his age group in Ironman NZ this year. Who better to tell us about the event and how to race it?!

New Zealand is a long way to go for most of us, so if you’ve ever wondered if it’s within reach – it is! We’ll cover travel planning and logistics to get you to the start line!

Special tip-topic today: dealing with jet lag! Jack shares tips on recovering for jet lag, which is definitely an issue when traveling overseas for an Ironman!

Huge thanks to Jack Schofield for sharing his knowledge and advice. You can follow Jack on his journey to Kona this year through his blog and feeds, listed below. We know we’ll be watching!

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Facebook @jackyscho


While you’re at it, check out Jack’s generous sponsors who help make it possible for up-and-coming athletes like Jack get out there and race:






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Final note! Though we try to bring you the best information and tips on how to race this event, no podcast is a substitute for the race organizer’s technical briefing – don’t ever miss those!

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