New Episode of the Race Briefing Podcast: Escape from Alcatraz!

New Episode of the Race Briefing Podcast: Escape from Alcatraz!

Learn all about the legend that is the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. Join us for a turn-by-turn course walk-through of the event, and get some tips for the iconic swim from Coach Anne Wilson of Camelback Coaching

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This week we talk about an event that is on nearly every triathlete “Bucket List”– Escape from Alcatraz! From that famous swim across the bay to the highly technical bike leg to running up the infamous sand ladder, this event is the stuff of triathlon legend.

To help you get through the event, we speak with experienced athlete Jenifer Garner, 16x Ironman finisher, who has raced this event multiple times and shares her experience. We also get amazing advice from triathlon and swim Coach Anne Wilson of Camelback Coaching, who gives us some important tips on getting through that epic swim.

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Final note! Though we try to bring you the best information and tips on how to race this event, no podcast is a substitute for the race organizer’s technical briefing – don’t ever miss those!

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