Athlete Sponsorship Applicants’ #1 Trait

Athlete Sponsorship Applicants’ #1 Trait

We starting interviewing our applicants for Race Everywhere’s athlete sponsorship program this past week. We’re only part way through our interviews, but they all been amazing so far. In getting to know these amazing people, we have noticed the they all have something in common – and if we could bottle and sell it, it would change the world.

It’s motivation. Each athlete has their own story, but they all have this in common. They looked around at their current situation and said, “no, I’m not having this anymore.” They broke with what was easy and comfortable in their lives, and ventured out into something scary and new. The reasons are different in each case – to get healthy so they can fulfill their personal mission, to find a new sense of purpose, or to flat-out change their lives. But all are inspiring because they aren’t supermen or superwomen – they are just normal, regular people like you and me.

As far as bottling and selling it, we’re going to give it a try in our humble little way. We will try to capture some of what motivated these athletes change, and share it with you over the coming weeks via our our blog at Race Everywhere. More to come as we select our athletes and give them a way to share their stories.

If you are thinking, “dang, I wish I was motivated,” no worries. Next week we’ll start sharing some ideas on how to find something that gets you out of bed in the morning – don’t miss it!

In the mean time – it’s a big world, so get out there and race!

Happy racing!

BTW, the feature image is from Challenge Roth. Yes, it is really like that, and yes you really can race it! –


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